About Us

North River Design was founded in 2012 by a single web developer to provide affordable websites that act as professional business software.

We're a small and upcoming web design & digital marketing agency based in the metro Detroit, Michigan area. Specifically we work out of Clinton Township.

Our primary focus is making your website work for both your business and your visitors. We specialize in creating dynamic, content-managed websites that allow our clients to manage nearly everything on their website without fear of breaking code. By utilizing some of the latest and greatest tools available, we are able to offer a higher-quality product at an affordable price by reducing development hours.

Many competing agencies will create your site's layout from a website template that is cheap and loosely related to your business. We hate this practice and are out to stop it. Every website design we create is developed from the ground up for your business alone. We do not purchase cheap themes and change the colors like a good portion of our competition. We want to provide you the absolute best website honestly.

Our mission on the web is to make your website...


We're all on the web because we want information quickly. That's why it's important to have a fast loading website. We use things like caching and asset compression to make sure every piece of your site arrives as quickly as possible to visitors. If your website does not load in under three seconds, you may be driving potential customers away without even noticing it. Let us analyze what's slowing your site down and provide recommendations for improvement. Many sites can be optimized to serve nearly twice as many visitors with the same amount of bandwidth spent.


We use web standards and professional, established frameworks to create websites and apps that work regardless of what device or platform you are using. All websites adjust to the screen width of the device accessing it, whether that is a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

We also utilize professional content management software, giving you the highest quality product available. By using better tools, we are able to spend more time addressing your needs as a client and more efficiently create the experience you are looking to present to your customers.


We always test for and implement preventative methods for common vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting and SQL injection. Back-end code is also regularly updated to take advantage of routine security updates made to the underlying platforms. We also store any payment-related information off-site, reducing the liability of potential data breaches.

Everything is built with security in mind from the start. Security is never an after-thought.